About The Farm

Owned and operated by Bethany Ayres-McManus and Dylan Ayres-McManus Little Bear Hill combines the skills of its owners into a destination unlike any in the Pacific North West. After 6 years in the Willamette Valley, and a decade in the Hudson Valley of NY these two travelers decided to settle down and take over the farm that raised Bethany and share it with the world.

The idea was simple. They were artists. They were activists. They were foodies and amateur farmers…

So why not take those three things that make very little money and mash them all together into one thing that hopefully makes enough money to share their passions, love, and work with the rest of the world?

Well, long story short, they literally bought the farm…

And now, they’re 6 years in, have a network of local artists, curators, and farmers they work with, and their children are happily owning being the fourth generation on this tiny plot we call home.


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