I’m thinking 2-3 exhibitions a year since Guthrie was born isn’t bad, so I’m hear to stay Art World and our child hasn’t been a nail in this creative coffin 😉

The white walls and clean installations may take a back seat as Little Bear Hill emerges into our next big Art (with a capital A) Project.

“What are you producing at the moment?”

This question is as common among academics as “hello.” Despite being extremely productive I am confronted with this query almost every time I come in contact with certain academics. As if my constant production of images is the only qualifier of my ‘value’ as an artist in this rapidly changing world.

“Why do I make?”

To me the concept of “why” not “what” is a much more relevant question. My art has always focused on oppression, exploitation, violence and future empowerment. “Socio political” or “subversive” would be the appropriate academic labels with which to categorize me. Yet I have never desired to be codified by academic jargon, rather I’ve wanted my work to be an impetus and inspiration for social change.

While my imagery has impact and my knowledge of the media is well documented the natural next step in my practice needs to be a real contribution towards physically impacting our global environment with something more then just imagery. Several acres of well managed land providing both food and art to the local community and international artists seems to be the most worthwhile social contribution I can offer the world as an artist. Building a space that accomplishes all of this is a natural next step towards ‘producing work’ that literally contributes to a better world. While the content of my artwork will continue to make waves and resonate, the actions, approaches, and practices behind Little Bear Hill will be our experiment in implementing a change within the world we want to see. It will be a collaborative space where artist can gather to explore new, creative, and sustainable concepts revolving around art, society, communities and economies.

A sustainable, low impact, off the grid approach towards living and art making is a full circle approach towards Art (with a capital A) where imagery, process, and lifestyle unite into a collective revolutionary act. By creating a studio that is farm, home, community space, art studio, publishing studio, and technology epicenter we intend to make our social vision a reality by offering the world a creative space where artists and makers can contribute to defining our future through shared and innovation.

For the next several years of my life Little Bear Hill will be “what I’m producing at the moment,” and I have every intention to make it resonate.

Please join us at the table, the future is ours and we can all be the ones who define it.


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