You’re doing what?!”


What happens when you wake up one day and realize that for the last seven years you’ve been working on a slow spiral to nowhere? ¬†Well you get up, put on your big girl pants, and go to work. That early morning realization doesn’t go away though, it stays. You roll it around on your tongue-chewing carefully.

The thought to start down a new path came after too many days left feeling empty inside. Our lives were missing something. ¬†Maybe it was a longing for open spaces and fewer people, or perhaps it was a need to write our own narrative instead of playing a role in someone else’s book. Either way, one night I said “Let’s take a chance. Why not?”

Well…the “why we shouldn’t” list is pretty long. We’re giving up two somewhat stable jobs, great health insurance, proximity to friends and family, NYC, and the beautiful Hudson Valley. However, the “why we should” list far outweighs it’s counterpart…jobs will be created, health insurance will be obtained, relationships with friends and family will be rekindled. New York City can never be duplicated or replaced, but our relationship with the art world will have us visiting often. As for the Hudson Valley, well the Columbia River Gorge has always held a piece of my heart.

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