Announcing Little Bear Hill

One of the hardest things to do so far with the development of Little Bear Hill has been actually telling people. Not so much the telling of acquaintances and colleagues within the art world, but our friends and family. We seem to have this overwhelming dread that the people that mean the most to us will disagree or somehow question our decision to start down a new path in life. This week brings the announcement of Little Bear Hill to our extended family and friends along with the first official presentation of Little Bear Hill to the New York City art scene (!!!).

The trickiest part about telling people about our plan to move clear across the country is fielding all of the questions they have. At first we just mention the Artist-in-Residency program and the blending of traditional and digital printmaking technology, but then we quickly come across the fact that we’re also farming. That’s right, we’re melding two facets of a strong community together into one collaborative space. By combining the creative process of art making and the growing of food we’re narrowing the disconnect often seen surrounding the sharing of ideas. I’m so excited to be able to share this project with everyone and I simply cannot wait to start construction on our new studio space.

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